Thursday, April 21, 2011


Canvasdraw is now available. This allows you to easily produce drawings using a what you draw is what you see system. The resulting drawings can be exported as an HTML page containing the canvas tag and code to reproduce the drawing. This code can be used on your own pages.

The application can be found at

More information in the help file at

Please use and let me have some feedback.


  1. Hi I tried this tool..looks cool. but when I export the drawing to HTML, I'm not able to see the page source (the menu is disabled). btw I'm using Chrome. can you pls help.

  2. With Chrome you need to click on the 'spanner' in the top right hand corner, from the menu choose
    'Tools > Developer Tools'
    In the developer Tools window select the 'Scripts' Icon.
    Click and drag over the scrip and right click to Copy

  3. I see an image in the middle of the page, but can't access the "controls" in that image (I don't think there are any .. it's just an image

    Clickin on the image just opens the same image on a new page.

    I'm using Chrome v 12 and Firefox v 5.1


  4. Is this tool still working ?

    I just get a clickable image on the new canvas page, which opens that same image in a new page.

    Tried it with both Chrome v 12 and Firefox v 5.1


  5. Mike_S sorry to hear you are having problems. It is working for me using Firefox 5.0. The image you see should not be an image at all but a form. Just clicking the OK button should leave the selection as it is and take you onto drawing. If clicking OK does not do anything then please let me know. If clicking OK removes the 'image' then click on the question mark at the top to go to the help pages and then select 'New Canvas' which gives further information about the start screen

  6. Mike_S sorry just read your comment again and realised you are on my Google Sites page, these are just the help files for the application and so what you are seeing an image is just what you say it is an image. To go to the actual application choose the 'Introduction' page from the top of the sidebar and then click on the canvasdraw logo in the blue bar across the page.

  7. Hi John,

    Ok, thanks it's working now.

    That introduction thing, "melded" with the help is a "bit" confusing :)


  8. Have now tried to make things a little clearer on the help pages by changing title to 'Canvasdraw Help' and adding a link to the Canvasdraw Application in the sidebar.

  9. Hi John,

    today i found out about your cool canvas drawing application.

    The application nearly has all of the features we need for an application to help our choir-office to print out tickets for concerts. It is always a very much time consuming process creating the tickets manually because every ticket has certain place category, a unique seat number and a certain row number. It would be a cool thing to have your application extended. It is nearly perfect for what i am looking for. What does a ticket look like?
    We need to place one or two pictures on it, the name of the concert, the address of the church or any other location where the concert is going to be, time and date when it starts,... So essentially features for inserting, formatting and positioning text should be added. Further more i have to find a way for specifying the row number (imagine you have a concert hall in a church with different rows of seats for the crowd, but not each row has the same number of seats...), the place/price category and the seat number.
    So my question is, do you allow me to extend your application for my purpose and would you support me doing this in some way?

    best regards

  10. Not sure this is the best application to help you. It is designed for web pages not for printing. It would require considerable work on the application to achive what you want to do with your tickets. It is probably more straight forward to produce a basic HTML page with a little bit of Javascript to update seat numbers anyway. A more suitable and free application would be OpenOffice, a suite of programs you could use. Just do a search on Google. Of course Microsoft Office would also be very suitable.

    If you want some help producing tickets email me at canvasdrawing at gmail dot com and we can discuss fees.