Sunday, September 4, 2011

Canvasdraw moves

In an email from Google they stated that 'Almost all [app engine] applications will be billed more under the new pricing'. As I run Canvasdraw as a hobby and I makes no money I am moving it. The new host does not run Python and so only Javascript will be used. This means that the gallery will not run and there will be no option for saving your drawings. You can still export them either as an HTML page or as a text string that you can copy, paste and save and then import later.

Currently I am working on adding animation and will look at ways any of your work can be saved and put in a gallery in the future.


  1. Nice work! Are you interested in open-sourcing the project so people can build on what you've done? It would be cool to put it on github.

  2. Had thought about it but have been concentrating on adding animation. Only way I knew about open-sourcing was via Google Projects, will look at github.